Wind-Powered Generator of High Power, which Requires No Foundation

Wind-Powered GeneratorThe Norwegian engineers have proposed the concept of another offshore wind-powered generator of high power, which requires no foundation.

It is very beneficial to build propeller-type wind turbines rather high, as with the increasing height the wind speed (and, hence, the power of the turbine) is growing exponentially. You need to spend a lot of money for the transportation and foundation construction in order to locate a 100-meter generator of 2 MW ten miles from the coast (where the wind is stronger than on land). But what if you need to construct dozens or even hundreds of such turbines?

The Norwegian start-up WindFlip is going to reduce the costs of construction offering to place a ready wind turbine with its power from 2.5 to 6 MW on a barge with her length of 100 m and width of 30 m. The wind turbine, which is securely fastened to the barge, can then be towed to its position with the speed of 15 km/h. After that, 29 tanks inside the hull of the barge are filled with 17,000 m3 of water, and the generator takes a vertical position and looks like a float.

Then the barge is separated from the transported object, which continues to float, and air is pumped into her tanks. After that, she is ready to go for the next wind turbine.

The projects of floating wind farms have been proposed repeatedly in the past. However, the developed options with megawatt power had very massive platforms that were intended to provide mobility only, as their cost was just the same as the cost of the stationary ones. Perhaps, that is the reason of the fact that none of such projects has been completely realized. The WindFlip plants can compensate for this disadvantage. Now, they should wait for the investors who will take up the implementation of this idea.