Clean technology everybody

WESWEN company is offering implementation of new technologies for alternative sources of energy. The main principle: clean and renewable energy in every home.
The trademark WESWEN is registered in Germany – a global leader in the renewable energy industry.
In recent years, environmental disasters are becoming more common. The climate is changing dramatically, there are fires, tsunamis, volcanoes; humans and animals suffer from new diseases. The protection of the nature needs to be reconsidered; otherwise there is a danger of an impending global environmental catastrophe.
At the same time energy consumption is increasing worldwide, due to growingindustrialization in different countries.
What to do? How to solve this problem? We need to choose the right path: finding new sources of energy to save the nature.
WESWEN offers worldwide distribution of economical and environmentally friendly energy technologies. The company’s specialists are experienced in research and the introduction of renewable energy sources.
It is already clear that renewable energy can help to fight against the global warming and stabilize the climate by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
Alternative energy is an attractive optionfor consumers. Prices for traditional energy sources are growing every year. The cost ofalternative energy is already below the cost of energy coming from traditional sources. Experts predict that renewable energy will become even cheaper. Currently WESWEN is a shareholder of several companies in Europe, Asia and North America that produce equipment for alternative energy sources.