Solar inverter WF50KVA

Product description


Villa, hotel, residential security, large base station, office, small manufacturing enterprises, computer centers, industrial automation equipment, network room, IDC data center, banking equipment, securities, health care, transportation, petrochemial and ohter solar systems.

1. High reliability:

  • High speed micro-controller DSP digital control technology to archieve real-time control, parameter setting, data detection, self-test funcrion ti ensure high reliable operation of the system.
  • With high speed swithing characteristic, high voltage, high current, low internal resistance, low dissipation IGBT, MOSFET power components based, to ensure system security and reliability.

2. N+1 modularized MPPT tracking system:

  • Multipath MPPT control system access, independent input, operation. More suitable for roof project, to improve power generation efficiency of the panels.

3. PV proactive power supply function:

After detects PV energy, system will enter MPPT status automatically, and it will also adjust the power distribution, priority in the use of PV energy.

4. Intelligent battery managment system:

  • In this system, AC rectifier, MPPT controller controlled by intelligent data exchange and communication system. User can set the battery capacity by themselves: battery configuration can be set by the operator interface. System will automatically adjust the charging current, charging voltage and charging mode.
  • In special cases, international technical engineer can adjust the charging rate and battery number according to the system configuration.

5. Plenteous communicational interface:

  • RS485, RS232 (standart), SNMP (Option).
  • Input dry contact to switch on/off inverter, clear abnormal, EPO remotely. Output dry contacts singles for remoe alarm.

6. Intelligent storage staggering features:

System with intelligent peak load shifting function, the user can set the appropriate time period electricity according to the local electricity policy, to achieve load shifting features directly in order to bring economic value;

Product overview

WF series product use high speed DSP control unit, advanced high speed IGBT, MOSFET components, with pulse width modulation (SVPWM) technique disturbance type MPPT control, and double conversion system configuration. Under high-speed DSP system control, the system can quickly track panels to do high-power, load change and efficient multi-level control system, even if the mains input voltage and frequency suddenly change, over/under voltage, or power disturbances, it also can ensure provide the load with regulated voltage and fraquancy power. System has a reliable, environmentally friendly, high intalligence and other characteristics.

Technical Specifications

Model WF 50KVA
Rated Power 45kW
Rated Current 76A
Output Power factor 0.9
Rated input voltage 380V ± 20%
Rated output voltage 380V ± 1%
Battery voltage 360Vdc
Battery quantity/cell 30/180
Working mode PV, AC replenish
PV input
Max. voltage range (Voc) 0Vdc-750Vdc
Best working voltage (Vmp) 444Vdc-550Vdc
Float charging voltage 428V ± 1%
Max efficiency ≥98%
Equalize charging voltage 414V ± 1%
Max current 180A
PV input ways 1+1 (reserved)
MPPT modular 1+1 (reserved)
AC rectifier
Input voltage range Three phases 380V ± 20% (-10%   ̴ +20% can charge battery)
Rated frequency 50Hz / 60Hz (can be set backstage)
Frequency range 50Hz / 60Hz ± 5Hz
Soft start 0 – 100% 10s
Power factor 0.8
Float charging voltage (20⁰C) 410V ± 1%
Max. voltage 415V ± 1%
Max. charging current (A)

Battery capacity allowed

Rated current (A) 76
Inverter voltage Three phases four lines +G 380 Vac
Phase voltage setting 220-230-240 Vac (can be set backstage)
Output voltage accurancy ± 1%
Voltage transient range ± 5%
Transient recovery time 20 ms
Rated frequency 50Hz / 60Hz ± 1%
Frequency tracking range 50Hz / 60Hz ± 3Hz
Crest factor 3 : 1
Wave Pure sine wave
THD ≤ 3% (linear load)
Voltage unbalance degree ± 3% (100% unbalanced load)
Overload ≥ 105% – 110%: transfer to bypass 1 hours later, recover when reduce load; ≥ 110% – 125%: transfer to bypass 10 min later, recover when reduce load; ≥ 125% – 150%: transfer to bypass 1 min later, recover when reduce load; ≥ 150%: transfer to bypass 10 s later, recover when user confirmed; ≥ 200%: shutdown immediately, recover when user confirmed;
Short circuit System current limited, shutdown immediately, boot by user
Max efficiency ≥ 93%
Rated voltage Three phases four lines +G 380 Vac
Voltage range ± 20%
Rated frequency 50Hz / 60Hz ± 5Hz
Max current 95 A
Battery Management
End of discharge 315VDC
Charging current setting Factory settings is 0.15C; user can set 0.05 – 0.3C
Battery Intelligent Management Equalizing charging and float charging automatically transfer; automatic temperature compensation for battery (when battery detection not connected, default environment temperature)
Staggering depth of discharge settings 1.85V – 2.1V : can be set by user
Transfer time
Inverter/ bypass transfer time 0 ms
Communication interface
Remote control input Inverter on, off, abnormal clear, emergency power off
PC monitoring interface RS232, RS485, SNMP (optional)
Dry Contact Bypass input abnormal, rectifier input abnormal, system fault, system warning, low battery, overload, fans fault, generator ON/OFF
Operation temperature 0-42⁰C
Max. relative Humidity 90% noncondenced
Max. working Altitude 1000m (100 m higher, 1% derated; max 4000m)
Cooling way Forced ventilation (Fans speed varies with load)
Noise (varies with load and temperature) dB 60
Mean time between failures (MTBF) 200.000 hours
Defend grade IP20
Power line input Below
Standard IEC62040-1-1, EN62109-1:2010, EN62109-2:2011
Dimensions (W*D*H) mm 600*700*1750
Packing dimensions (W*D*H) mm 690*790*1850
Weight 345

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