PV Grid-connected Inverter EW100KTF

Product description


1.  Using advanced IGBT, the system efficiency is enhanced;

2.  Using CPLD chipset and optical fiber transmission to achieve fast and reliable control;

3.  High conversion efficiency;

4.  Advanced technology for maximum power point tracking (MPPT);

5.  >99% MPPT efficiency;

6.  Wide input voltage range;

7.  High efficiency in a wide power range;

8.  Advanced anti-island technology;

9.  High reliability due to complete protection function;

10. MPPT and CVT running modes;

11.  Using multicolor LCD touch screen;

12.  Different communication interfaces;

13.  Adjustable protection and operation parameters;

14.  Easy operation, installation and maintenance.

Product overview

EA100KTF inverter is a PV grid-connected inverter used in PV system. It can make the PV arrays supply most power and convert the power to the utility grid. The grid-connected PV system consists of PV arrays, photovoltaic combiner box, photovoltaic grid-connected inverter, metering devices and utility grid.

Technical Specifications

Item Model EW100KTF
PV side
Max. PV power 110kWp
Max. permitted DC Voltage 900Vdc
Max. permitted DC current 250A
MPPT range 450~820Vdc
PV Start Voltage 420Vdc
MPPT efficiency 96.5%
Max Inverter feedback Current to the Array 0A
Grid side
Rated output power 100KW
Operation grid voltage 110~450Vac
THD of grid current <3%
Power factor(cosφ) >0.99
Max. degree of  efficiency 96.5%
European deg. of efficiency 96%
Normal output voltage 380 Vac
Operation grid frequency 47-51.5Hz/57-61.5Hz
Standby power Consumption <150W
Nighttime Power Consumption <80W
Grid monitoring According to VDE0126-1-1 guidelines

CQC CNCA/CTS 0006:2010

communication interface RS485/Ethernet(optional)/GPRS(optional)
Man-machine interface LCD touch screen
Dimensions (W × H × D) 1000mm×2000mm×800mm
Weight 900Kg
Environmental conditions and safety
Ingress protection IP20
Protective class I
Cooling Air cooling
Operating temperature range -25~+55℃
Relative humidity range 0-95% (non condensing)
Altitude 2000m;above 2000m need to derate operating
Noise emissions <65dB
Meet the standards DIN EN 62109-1;

DIN EN 62109-2;

VDE 0126-1-1;
CQC CNCA/CTS 0006:2010

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