300Watt Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Product description 

Power inverters are electrical devices designed to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). DC is the power that is produced by batteries or solar panels while AC is the standard power needed for use in a home or on an energy grid.

The inverter works by running the direct current through two transistors that are rapidly turned on and off and feeding two sides of the transformer. In this way the direct current which runs in a direct line is converted into alternating current.

Wave signal is the Modified Sine Wave. Modified Sine Wave Inverters are the most popular and produce efficient stable power that can run most standard electrical equipment

You could use a power inverter in areas where conventional electricity is not available or areas with unstable power supply.

Inverter is a crucial element in a solar energy system.

Wholesale price: from 15.37$

Technical Specifications


Socket outlet

Model: NC-300-M
Output waveform: Modified Sine Wave Inverter
Continuous power: 300Watt
Surge power: 600Watt
Input volt: I2V/24V/48/110V DC
Output volt: 100V/110/120’220 230’240 V AC
Frequency: 50Hz60Hz
Efficiency: >86%
No load current draws : <0.3А
THD: <5%
Dimension (L*W*H) 120*105*55mm
Inner box dimension: 200*170*75mm
Carton Dimension 435*360*340/wm
Net Weight: 0.6±0.1KG
Gross weight: 13±1KG/16PCS


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