Heat pump WAW12N3

Product description

Air-water heat pump. WAW Series.

Product Features

1. Large LED display control panel, easily read and operation

2. Scroll compressor (EVI compressor optional)

3. Compact in size with a built-in water tank up to 180l (separate water tank is optional)

4. Soft starter in protection of your residential power network

5. Auxiliary electrical heating up to 9kw

6. Heating circulation pump included

7. Heating with temperature compensation curve by outdoor sensor

8. Cooling function

9. Water temperature to max. 65°C

10. Supper quiet operation of outdoor unit

11. High efficient in defrosting with larger fin space on evaporator

12. Electronic expansion valve (optional)

13. GSM remote control (optional)

14. 220v,single phase available

About air-water heat pump

An air source heat pump system is another way of utilization of solar energy. A large portion of solar energy existed in the air, the heat is absorbed from the air by an outdoor unit called evaporator, refrigerant in the evaporator is in gaseous state, then the compressor increase the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant, after that, the refrigerant transfers its heat to the heating medium in condenser, the heating medium will bring the heat to your house heating system or for hot water. The refrigerant was reverted into liquid now, it will move to the evaporator again and start to collect the new energy for the air. The circling will keep running all the time.About air-water heat pump.

Technical Specifications

Model WAW12N3
Deliver/supplied power at A2/W35 kW 10.15/3.20
Deliver/supplied power at A2/W50 kW 9.45/3.85
Deliver/supplied power at A7/W35 kW 12.06/3.35
Deliver/supplied power at A7/W50 kW 11.48/4.12
Deliver/supplied power at A10/W35 kW 12.78/3.45
Deliver/supplied power at A-7/W35 kW 7.51/2.78
Auxiliary heater kW 3/6/9
Starting current A 30
Max operating current, compressor A 9.5
Power supply 3N-400V50Hz
Refrigerant/Quantity R407C/7kg
Defrosting system Hot gas defrosting
Max discharge pressure MPa 2.7
Mini suction pressure MPa 0.15
Compressor Scroll compressor
Heating medium flow (nominal) l/s 0.41
Rated pump input kW 0.15
Available external pressure kPa 46
Heat exchanger Stainless steel
Max pressure heating side MPa 0.3
Connection of heating medium Cu 28
Max heating medium temperature C 55
Hot water
Connection of hot water 3/4″(Stainless steel)
Max hot water temperature C 50
Volume of hot water tank L 180
Max pressure water tank MPa 0.9
Lowest operation point C -15/45
Highest operation point C 35/55
Noise (indoor unit) dB(A) 42-47
Dimension outdoor unit Length mm 1270
Width mm 750
Height mm 1100
Weight outdoor unit kg 130
Dimension indoor unit Length mm 640
Width mm 740
Height mm 1705
Weight outdoor unit kg 250

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