Solar panels and heat pumps from WESWEN

July 8, 2011

Tweet WESWEN will presenting the latest developments in solar and geothermal energy in 2011, the exhibition Energy Fresh  in Moscow on 28-29 September 2011. We hope it will be useful event for all people who interested in alternative energy. Also … Read more

International community is committed to solar energy

March 23, 2011

Tweet Australia and Germany to advance solar technologies. Collaboration deal will pool both countries’ resources to accelerate the pace of technology development and reduce costs. Solar energy capture technologies could become significantly cheaper and more available in coming years, thanks … Read more

Crisis in Japan: It is necessary to abandon nuclear energy

March 18, 2011

Tweet World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) and EUROSOLAR insist on a global ban on new nuclear power, phase-out of current plants – and a decisive, immediate move to a 100% renewable world. The awesome power of plate tectonics triggered … Read more

Solar energy is good

February 20, 2011

Tweet According to an interview with Reuters, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association says that about 16 GW of new solar pv power were added throughout the globe last year. This is a little more than double the growth seen in … Read more